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Spain is the largest real estate market in southern Europe, with great growth potential.

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Why invest in real estate in Spain?

Spain is the largest real estate market in southern Europe, with great growth potential. With a population of 48 million people, we can affirm that the Spanish real estate market is one of the most dynamic in Europe, due to the continuous development of coastal areas, with strong tourist investment, as well as the growth of certain areas such as Madrid, where a fiscal and labour policy has been developed that has attracted the largest foreign investment in Spain in recent decades. This has attracted a large number of qualified labour, aged between 25 and 45, who need to reside in the area.

How to invest in real estate in Spain?

The investments made to date by Spanish developers have been based on a that generally seeks to acquire the house. Spanish habits to date tended to invest savings in the acquisition of a habitual home in property. With the new work systems and the modification of the traditional concept of family, Spanish citizens tend to spend their income on other concepts, such as travel, leisure and well-being. Access to housing involves an average minimum disbursement of 43,000 euros (INE data year 2,023) to be able to cope with an average mortgage, something that is very difficult to achieve with current inflation and income levels. That means that there has been an increase in rental operations compared to those of real estate acquisition. However, this increase in demand for rental properties has not resulted in an increase in supply, with which prices have risen progressively in the last 4 years (INE data year 2,023)

As a result, the percentage of income needed to rent a home reaches 35% in Madrid, 39% in Valencia and 43% in Barcelona. It is important to find profitable investment options that guarantee profitability through the rental of the properties acquired. Therefore, the analysis of real estate, the risk of non-payment and local regulations regarding rentals, is an essential factor when investing in real estate in Spain.

Why invest with Hestia Capital Invest SOCIMI?

Our model is based on three fundamental pillars:

/// Knowledge of the market

/// Risk analysis

/// Investment in high-liquidity areas

We know the market, after more than 25 years working in the Spanish financial sector and in close relationship with the main promoters of Spain. We transfer this experience to a meticulous technical study on the condition of the property, the CAPEX requirements, the cost of updating and the future maintenance of the building.

 We analyse the risk with our own model that studies the profitability of operations, where all the variables are included and the internal and external risks to each operation are assessed. We work with the largest Spanish appraisal companies, which give us an independent valuation. We work with the Promoter Associations of each province, which offers us essential data to assess the requirements of previous investment and helps us determine future profitability.

We invest in areas of proven liquidity, where the demand for housing is high, to guarantee exit strategies that allow us to recover the investment in any eventuality. Our philosophy is always to obtain the highest return with the least possible risk for our investors.

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